what is Ame-no-Ukihashi? F.A.Q

what is Ame-no-Ukihashi?

Ame-no-Ukihashi an ancient experimental meditative Japanese health and longevity exercise system and a highly effective internal martial art.

It is uniquely design martial art as it is a physical language corresponding to the 45 Japanese Hiragana Symbols and your internal chakras known as the Vasuh letters. To learn this martial art is to learn Japanese, Each stance is represented by a Hiragana symbol. Which mean form katas are actually words which in later classes are performed in poems plays, Dramas and theatrical performances.

It is a unique peaceful, relaxing way to learn ninjistu similar to tai chi and reiki in its early stages and an effective way to increase focus, strength, health and self-awareness. And don’t forget to speak Japanese.

People who are interested in actor or Dance will love the theatrical professionalism the Martial art creates I your own being.

Ame-no-Ukihashi also known as Yuki-onna was a class of warrior-priestesses/priest who were named after the founder of their lineage and were known to train in the snow and severe cold.

The art helps cultivate and strengthen the relationship between the subconscious (the universe) mind and the super-conscious(inner-self) mind. That allows reflection and self awareness.


In the beginning early stages it teaches stillness while allowing chi energy to flow through your body on a subconscious level; by the use of your chakras known as the vasuh letters and the hiragana symbols flowing through each chakra while posing still in the martial stance.

In later stages when each stance is understood it allows one to engage in continuous, gentle and flowing wave-like movements of the whole body and a calm, focused, and centered state of mind. Which allow participation of a beautiful production between you and the universe; Mind and body.


What are the benefits of practicing Ame-no-Ukihashi?

For those individuals primarily interested in improving their health, suppleness, strength, relaxation and mental calmness and focus,

Ame-no-Ukihashi meaning “the floating bridge of heaven,” a bridge between Heaven and Earth, or the Mind and Body. Through each martial stance, taught by the use of the hiragana script. Which were symbolic of certain body posture, the movement of chi energy can be taught and weighed by the shapes of these letters. Which were known in the past as onna-de, or woman’s hand, among the onna-bugeisha.

Through the movements of the forms and other subsets of practice, the practitioner focuses on correct posture, rooting, breath, flexibility, relaxation, linkage, mind/body connection, energy yielding and attachment, and a centered, focused, calm and “awake” state of mind. With consistent practice over time, this training results in a healthy, strong, flexible, relaxed, energized and focused mind and body.


For those people attracted to the benefits and enjoyment of martial arts training, Ame-no-Ukihashi also excels. Its effectiveness is based on the concept of “yin and yang” which represents an every changing balance between soft, yielding, and redirecting principles and relaxed applications of force through rooted and whole body integrated movements.

Taught through the its two principles known in Ninzuwu as Vasuh letters(Chakras) representing water and Ut Language/Hiragana(martial stances) representing Fire.

Its martial effectiveness depends more on the mind and the cultivation of Chi(internal power) rather than simply the body…size, strength or speed are much less an issue.

This characteristic makes it an appropriate martial art for anyone to learn regardless of physical attributes. As an internal martial art, Ame-no-Ukihashi develops one’s ability to respond responsibly and effectively to conflict, whether internal or external, and whether physical or otherwise.


If I don’t want to learn to fight should I still join the class?
Yes, absolutely! Typically, most students will be solely interested in the health and meditative aspects of Ame-no-Ukihashi, while some students will want to pursue its martial applications as well. This class is designed to accommodate at the same time each of these pursuits. For those students that want to avoid the martial pursuit, the class structure and the Ame-no-Ukihashi system itself make this possible. Each student is encouraged to pursue their own path of development and goals.

Is the class suitable for beginners as well as advanced students?
Yes. The class can accommodate students with beginner to advanced levels of skill. This flexibility occurs for two reasons. Foundational movements done by beginners are also practiced by advanced students but with a change in height (from middle to low and ultimately high), or a change in frame (from slow to fast and from large to small), or a change in principle emphasized (such as simply remembering the form, to focusing on the quality of posture, the quality of breath, linking breath and movement , linking chakra (vasuh letters) and Hiragana(ut language) movement, relaxation, moving as a single unit, fluidity, centering of mind and awareness, etc.).

Further, Ame-no-Ukihashi is a layered art form. More advance movements consist simply of the basic foundational movements (as any beginner would perform) with the addition of more complex movements layered on top.



What is the curriculum?

The beginner levels consist of Foundational movements and mastering the individual sub forms

Beginners level Martial Stance Meditation

Advance Beginners level Martial Stance Meditation including the Hi Fu Mi Dance


Ame-no-Ukihashi is a newly rediscovered form of martial art’s with its roots in self awareness and cooperation with universal chi energy. Which allows a beautiful production between you and the universe.

As all Arts and nature the basis of Ame-no-Ukihashi; is to be a part of a beautiful Production, you in beautiful harmony with your surroundings. Like all martial arts it is necessary to understand the philosophy to advance in the understanding of the art.

For Advance classes you must have an understanding of the Ninzuwu chakra structure also known as the Vasuh Letters or nine books of dreams. As well as the ninzuwu philosophy both found in the Ivory tablet of the crow. “A self initiating/understanding of the art of Ninzuwu”

The advance stages of this art are focus on the premise of a deeper understanding of a production of self awareness and universal cooperation.

The completion of every stage consists of a performance in front of your fellow piers either group or individual; with self approval being the most important judgment.

Most important thing to understand is this is an Art not a destructive tool to harm individuals. It consist of self awareness and universal cooperation; the compounds of a great production also known as art or nature.


The Advance classes are

Study of the 41 Kami’s

Learning Japanese

Solo productions: such as poems, haikus and positive affirmations

Group productions: such as theatrical plays in martial form.