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The Sword of the Ninzuwu

The term Ninzuwu is defined in the Vasuh language as meaning “Magicians of the Yi Jing,” or one who is able to navigate through life changes. This navigation is a work of cultivating purity and virtue, for these are the double edges of the Sword of the Ninzuwu. We are well aware that what dies […]

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art of ninzuwu Ninzuwu Theatre

The Ninzuwu Theatre

I decided to construct the martial Art of Ninzuwu into a theatrical production for many reason but the main reason is; theatre where magic and fantasy lives, and where the spirit is free and respected. In theatre when one is part of a production they embark they are allowed to step away form their regular […]

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art of ninzuwu

A Production of Nature

A Production of Nature I want to ask for the opportunity to use some space in Bayonne park to demonstrate and  give free trials of a tai chi style of martial arts called Ame-no-Ukihashi. Want to past on the knowledge as well as take the opportunity to create an interesting elaborate production, “I am a […]

art of ninzuwu

The Nine Schools of Initiation Within The Art of Ninzuwu

The Nine Schools of Initiation Within The Art of Ninzuwu Excerpts from the Art of Ninzuwu blog page https://cultofnyarzir.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/the-nine-schools-of-initiation-within-the-art-of-ninzuwu/ In a recent discussion with another member, the topic of “mastering,” (in lack of a better word) the Art of Ninzuwu came up. There are no masters in the Art of Ninzuwu. It is an eternal practice […]

art of ninzuwu

The Vasuh Letters

The term Vasuh is a ninzuwu word but has connection to all cultures through the world. In Ninzuwu philosophy; the Vasuh letters also known as the  Dehfu “books of life.” Are kept and copied by Johuta meaning”song of purification or the spirit of life”. The term Dehfu is derived from the Sanskrit tafu, which means “make fire.” Johuta […]