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Uggi’s Kabuki

Be Prepared to see Uggi strolling through your neighbor soon “The Beautiful Boogie Man” is out and about enjoying doing his Kabuki.

The Official Journal of Ninzuwu Culture

Greetings! The Art of Ninzuwu Official  blog page has a very deep history, stretching back to times of remote antiquity. Featuring articles discussing such history and  personal experiences by those engaged ...

Ame-no-Ukihash: Martial Art Stances

Ame-no-Ukihashi, “Princess of the floating bridge of heaven,” a bridge between Heaven and Earth, or the Mind and Body. The martial art acts as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, or ...

Ninzuwu Digital Theatre

  Greetings! We are happy to present an ongoing digital theatre series that features many of the true life experiences of practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu. Watch Now Here


Ninzuwu is an Esoteric Ninjitsu from the Jomon and Heain period brought to America by way of a Japanese man named Naka Nakane, who was a member of the Black Dragon society. He was constructed a timeline, illustrating the history of how the teaching of the Ninzuwu were preserved and some people who knew the system. Pass to Warlock Asylum (Messiah’el -Bey) by his mentor a third generation Practitioner of the Art of Ninzuwu.

The art of Ninzuwu was never meant to be withheld from those less fortunate. On the Contrary, it was developed in ancient times by those who sought the betterment of man.

Excerpt form “The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan”

To understand The art of Ninzuwu and Esoteric Ninjitsu you must know what Ninjitsu is; Ashida Kim explains it best in “secrets of The Ninja”.

“There are many Depictions of where when and what is ninjustu by looking into them all we can see what this art truly is and how it derive from nature and is used in our own nature and life.

Ninjitsu comes from a time when survival was an art and was a union with nature. Ninjutsu is also said that it has no “founded here” point in history, but through a deeper understanding of Japanese history references can be made to appreciate.”

Grand master Ashida Kim of the black dragon society defines, The purpose of Ninjitsu is to preserve the ancient knowledge and pass it on to future generations.

This gives us a basic understanding of ninjistu know lets look at esoteric means hidden, arcane, mysterious.

Ninjitsu itself can be seen as esoteric for example; the Shinobi (ninja) is like a ghost to the opponent. In English, it means “the art of remaining unseen” or “the invisible art,”. The hidden aspects mainly refers to the sub-conscious, the right hemispheres of the brain said to be the intuitive side that read thoughts in metaphors. Intuition is basically instinct, which is generally nature and emotions; this is where we get the Magical aspect of esoteric.

In Ninzuwu there is something called the Vasuh Language (nine books of dreams) it is an esoteric language which relates with the shadow chakras the sub conscious self. It is said working with the sub-conscious side of ourselves that we become aware of the unseen causes of visible realities. We become aware of the language of intuition, which is how communication exist within nature.

In “secrets of the Ninja” Grand master Ashida Kim writes;

“Ninja mysticism may take many forms. The simple form makes it possible to deflect negative vibrations and defend oneself against psychological assault merely by maintaining one’s emotional balance. The more complex forms require mantras, somatic components, and elaborate rituals for maximum efficiency.

The individual must first determine the methodology of his or her own psychological thought forms or constructs.”

Hopefully this gives a clear understanding of esoteric Ninjitsu in a very clear layman perspective. Ninzuwu consist of many schools of ancient knowledge such as the The YI Ching, Martial art, Shinto, hand mudras/Kuji Kiri, Chakra strengthen Vasuh Letters(nine books of dreams), and Onmyodo. All working in sequence for the Science of Self-Transformation. All initiation (meaning understanding the basics) is generally self initiation, it is said that The Ninja have a saying, “Train yourself and be your own master.”

Once the basic is known group participation is move easy done when everyone is on the same page.