The Race


The Race

The race is what cause racism so to deal with racism you must deal with the race. All things in life is best understood by its scientific research and meaning. An article writtenby Audrey Smedley Anthropology Newsletter, November 1997 states:

“Contemporary scholars agree that “race” was a recent invention and that it was essentially a folk idea, not a product of scientific research and discovery. This is not new to anthropologists. Since the 1940s when Ashley Montagu argued against the use of the term “race” in science, a growing number of scholars in many disciplines have declared that the real meaning of race in American society has to do with social realities, quite distinct from physical variations in the human species. I argue that race was institutionalized beginning in the 18th century as a worldview, a set of culturally created attitudes and beliefs about human group differences. Race and its ideology about human differences arose out of the context of African slavery. But many peoples throughout history have been enslaved without the imposition of racial ideology.”


This states that race is a new invention which is believe that it was created out of the context of African slavery. It is also stated American Anthropological Association on May 17, 1998, in an article AAA called Statement on race.


“From its inception, this modern concept of “race” was modeled after an ancient theorem of the Great Chain of Being, which posited natural categories on a hierarchy established by God or nature. Thus “race” was a mode of classification linked specifically to peoples in the colonial situation. It subsumed a growing ideology of inequality devised to rationalize European attitudes and treatment of the conquered and enslaved peoples. Proponents of slavery in particular during the 19th century used “race” to justify the retention of slavery. The ideology magnified the differences among Europeans, Africans, and Indians, established a rigid hierarchy of socially exclusive categories underscored and bolstered unequal rank and status differences, and provided the rationalization that the inequality was natural or God-given. The different physical traits of African-Americans and Indians became markers or symbols of their status differences.”

In overall it is stated that this is not a scientific process because all creatures on earth is naturally classified as species. We classify no other species as a race this also prove it’s artificial present in our culture and education.

Now it is said that it is to have arose out of the context of African slavery and is an “ideology of inequality devised to rationalize European attitudes and treatment of the conquered and enslaved peoples.”

The only issue with this possibility is that if it is use to classify slaves and devise by European to maintain dominance. Why would they place themselves in a classification system for slaves? This questions the true origin and purpose of concept race.

When you study the origin of African Slavery use can easily see it was a manipulation due to an act of greed.It was not an act of god or even a vengeful act of hate towards any set culture belief or physical appearance. This means those who initiated the concept did not have knowledge of what they was doing nor its short or long term effects on Humanity.

If you are devising a manipulation any one with scene knows not to put you yourself in the manipulation. You would not want to be caught up in the effects specially the psychological damage. This is best explain in the AAA statement on race;

“In the latter part of the 19th century it was employed by Europeans to rank one another and to justify social, economic, and political inequalities among their peoples. During World War II, the Nazis under Adolf Hitler enjoined the expanded ideology of “race” and “racial” differences and took them to a logical end: the extermination of 11 million people of “inferior races” (e.g., Jews, Gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, and so forth) and other unspeakable brutalities of the Holocaust.”

Simply said “ if I created a Dog Track why would I put myself in the race?” The answer is simple I couldn’t have been the creator of the dog track, I only believe I am. This gives notion of an external force influence. By the design only those out side of the human species is exempt from the race( I will leave it at that).    We believe the concept of race categorizes humanity or is a replacement of the word species. Yet the psychological effects tell a different story, actually subconsciously we act was we are in a race. Every aspect of a race is perpetuated lets looks at a race as “track race”.

First no one wants to lose a race this creates jealously and fear of losing and makes an individual or group try their best to slow or stop other opposing teams in this race.

Second those who are not in the lead or in their expected place in the race become discourage and being to hate oneself believing their purpose is solely to maintain a fictional race.

Third and finally (which should have been first) is that All RACES HAS A BEGINNING AND AN END! This is the most important aspect that is over looked by the masses. Indirectly all participants is the race seem to be trying to end their own race. Either by hate or fear of either losing the race, or of delusion apex and feeling a scene of purposeless. This will explain the recent spike in suicides, irrational behavior and heighten fear on a global level.

Humanity is a species not a race which is artificial and disconnects one from nature and all ancestral understanding. Due to the race all past action of historical and traditional beliefs and triumphs are disregarded because on the current placement of the group in the race is the only thing that is relevant.

Also due to the fact that race is a resent invention all concept of man and man’s knowledge before the concept of race cannot be in fully understood due to the fact race did not exist in their time. The ancient Roman’s were not white nor was ancient Africans Black for the concept of race did not exist in their time.

Ancient man would have never classified themselves by color due to the fact that color was use to classify emotional and spiritual qualities. White was classified as pure or innocent; Black was classified as depth, Knowledge and wisdom.

The concept of race is having deeper effects on us then we can understand, man is a traditional and ancestral base culture naturally. This goes for all groups throughout the world entertaining the concept of race forces a individual to dumb down this thoughts and natural behavior toward individuals due to social stigmas. Creating uncontrollable fits and rage due to delusion fears and speculations cause solely on the effects of race.

It seems either we end the concept of race or the concept of race will end us, as we know “ALL RACES MUST END” it is best we humble bow out and go back to living and nature attended us too.

What’s comical is that the only reason a race would plausible would be to hurry ones own evolution but that’s another subject.

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