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Uggi:The Beautiful Boogie Man



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Uggi story is a love Before hell was known as a firey tormenting place, it was known more as the underworld; a place where mythical creatures called home and deceased spirits will rest, like most environments you had your good and bad. Uggi is one of the oldest children of the underworld and one of the original boogie man (a mythical creature in many cultures used by adults to frighten children into good behavior.) in a time when humans and mythical creatures had good relations. Uggi was delighted to help the  human raise their children to be decent people.  At that time underworld use to maintain a certain class, there were mythical creature who maintained royal standing; Uggi was one of them.


In the Underworld two beings exist on one side you have the fiery one’s and on the other side you have the shadowy one’s. Those of royal standing maintained the order of the underworld by not allowing things to get out of hand. The love of Uggi’s life was a fiery one as Uggi was a shadowy one.  Uggi would always find ways to keep his love flame at a nice calming peace never to go out of hand for she can destroy much or worst burn out.  One day while Uggi went out to do what he enjoys scaring little kids so they will behave. A Jealous fiery one enchanted Uggi’s love and filled her with uncontrollable desires and hate for all including the shadowy one’s.
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In time disputes began and both humans and mythical creatures worlds began to be in turmoil; wars began and hells fire was uncontrollable. Uggi tried to fight for his love but was overwhelm by the fiery one forces; many of the shadowy one where lost and the rest hid in the depths. Uggi was cast in the depths of the flames and thought to be never seen again. It was said “that it will be a cold day in hell before would ever be reunited with his love”.

When the Shadowy one’s get angry they get darker when uggi was cast into the flames his rage (being one of the original shadows) kept him existing. But the thought of all his friends and family lost as well as never seeing his love again; pained Uggi in a different way. While be darken by rage and heartbroken from lost; an amazing thing happen; Uggi started to cry. The tears became crystalized and turned into diamonds; it covered his shadowy face and turned to a mask like surface.  It is believed that it was the tears that allowed Uggi to survive the Flames.


Uggi fell so deep into the flames that he came unto the place of cold, still, silence. He drifts like a snowflake till he  landed on a forgotten land called Nyarzir.  Where he found by an  ancient priesthood and learned the way of the ame-no-ukihashi martial art and became a ninzuwu. Through their teaching uggi has become able to “hold a single snowflake in the blistering heat”.  He was also able to create the floating bridge of Heaven which the assistance of his tears and allowed to return from where he came; to right the wrongs and save his love one. Now Uggi’s  enjoys being “a cold day in hell”; “The impossible possible”