The Symbol’s of Mad King

The Mad King Symbol as known a Bush/Nature King, Urban Shaman or Space Pirate: can be seen in the three symbols  that make one, the circle, the compass, the three pointed crown.


First the Circle represent the wholeness; ultimate state of Oneness Related to YIN YANG; formlessness; It implies an idea of movement; the cycle of time ; the great rhythm of the universe; the circle of the zodiac. It is also said the influence of circles is literally stellar, as it is cosmic and celestial. As the sun, it is masculine power; as the soul and as encircling waters, it is the feminine maternal principle. Overall it is Similar to a map of the celestial sea .

Second the Compass is defined an instrument used for showing direction, By the use of the Compass man began to study the starry Heavens.  A  compass was used for directing vessels upon the open sea through the establishment of its position and course by means of traditional practice. Sailors use compass the to navigate through the seas by the study of the stars to help them chart the best course to their destination. The compass is usually accompanied by the square which represents a standard or set structure like earth. The compass and circle represents the ability to use unorthodox methods to obtain successful gains.  The ability to move with fluidity as the circle represents water/emotions as it takes a compass to make a circle.

The  is the three pointed crown represents three squares or understanding three fundamental structure of  consciousness (3 to the 3rd power=9). The trinity  Conscious/subconscious/superconscious; mind/body/soul; past/present/future all working in harmony to chart the correct path to commune with the universe/nature/ great mother/sea of Emotions/Energy .

Together the symbols represent one understanding and controlling his/her own destiny/direction by the use of  unorthodox methods to commune with universe.  A Shaman



The word shaman  comes from the Tungus word šaman the root word ša-  meaning “to know or to see”. To see is to know to know is to understand what you see and how to commune to acquire what one wants which is life.  To travel through life you must know; you must be in communication with the universe around you to understand the best route on the journey. This is what naturally goes on in life; The wounded healer is an archetype for a shamanic trial and journey. A rite of passage for shamans-to-be, commonly involving physical illness and/or psychological crisis. This happens for two reasons:  First; The shaman crosses over to the underworld. This happens so the shaman can venture to its depths to bring back vital information for the sick, and the tribe. Second; The shaman must become sick to understand sickness. When the shaman overcomes his or her own sickness, s/he will hold the cure to heal all that suffer. This is the uncanny mark of the wounded healer.

It all stems from communication with nature; a shaman is crown by nature and nature along. He/she is no one king or queen other than nature they are mediums/servants of the two worlds. The word “mad” in Enochian means “your god/goddess/divine nature” to be possessed/communication with the spirits/nature around you. “King” being a servant of the highest order who tends to the environment/kingdom; like the Lion “King of the Jungle”. 

Even though we are physical creatures we live in a more physiological world/emotional world; so we are more govern by the energies and spirits than anything else.  Which is reflected by the movements of the stars; we much chart our course with acknowledgement of such. Or we will be toss around the harsh wave/emotion of an unexpected environment/nature.

Universally all techniques are similar but the translation differ only by tongue and geographical relation (how the environment deals with you and vice versa). Nature/subconscious communicates through dreams; how one translates it to those around them is key. If someone in not in the know/initiated in the nature/knowledge of my translation it might seems confusing. This is why studying/initiation into a set tradition of communicating with nature is always needed. It is no different than learning how to read a map once you know how to read a map you can chart your own course and understand other courses charted.