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The Book of Dreams also known as Vasuh letters, or Nine Levels of Experience, and on each level exists all Nine letters. Based on such, we can liken  the Nine Dreams to Nine Spheres, each containing the nine Vasuh letters.

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As we empower our ancestors, we are truly empowering our DNA. This principle is expressed in a Wikipedia article under the topic of Chinese Folk Religion:

“The shen of men who are properly cultivated and honoured after their death are upheld ancestors and progenitors (zuxian 祖先 or simply zu ). When ancestries aren’t properly cultivated the world falls into disruption, and they become gui. Ancestral worship is intertwined with totemism, as the earliest ancestor


Ancestors are means of connection to the Tian-Taidi, the primordial god which does not have form. As ancestors have form, they shape the destiny of humans. Ancestors who have had a significant impact in shaping the destiny of large groups of people, or even the entirety of the Chinese nation (cultural heroes), are exalted among the highest gods.”

We can better the condition of those family members who have passed on by nurturing and cultivating our DNA.

The Art of Ninzuwu  is an open book for the cultivation of the soul (The Crow). Numbers and Gematria are the foundation of Ninzuwu; the Vasuh letters is used as a mathematical language of dreams to communicate it universal energies.  Access to any forces existing in the invisible worlds, whether historical or imaginary, can be achieved through gematria, through numbers. Numbers exist in everything, even the realms of the deceased. Letters are simply hidden numerical forces and formula used to mask subtle energies.

Gematric science is not simply the study of the numeric value of words, but how to ensure these same values and characteristics are preserved, the idea is preserved, that the word carries as it is translated from one language to another. Just imagine the process involved in when a high school student from a foreign country tries to keep his grade level and credentials when moving to the United States. It is the same in gematria , in trying to insure that a word conveys not only the same idea, but its emotional value, as our emotions command the subconscious mind.

Each of these Vasuh letter  (petroglyphs) has an esoteric meaning and is used in an alchemical way. These nine Vasuh letters are also related to nine chakras appearing in the aura and the energies of the Great Bear constellation, specifically the Big Dipper.

In Hinduism, the Vasus are attendant deities of Indra, and later Vishnu. They are eight elemental gods (called “Aṣṭa-vasu”, ‘Eight Vasus’) representing aspects of nature, representing cosmic natural phenomenon. The name Vasu means ‘Dweller’ or ‘Dwelling’.

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The art of ninzuwu nine books of dreams Ancestral cards uses the Vasuh letter and gematry to communicate with the emotional energies of our ancestors and love ones in a healing process. Each represent a number from 1to 9 and as writing earlier a esoteric meaning. A name or word is added up the remaining value represents the vasuh letter associated with that name or word. For example God added up numerically g=7 o=15 d=4 is 26 add the remaining numbers down to single digit you get 8. Which is lewhu= 8. Pronounced ooh-wel. Which esoteric meaning is used in initiating one to the divine energies of the stars.
The letter are pronounced backwards to communicate with the subconscious.
The vasuh letters help strengthen the conscious to procure the best of thought and emotion, which creates a better environment for us and those within our experience; through reiki methods and positive conscious awareness.   It is a peaceful healthy way to strengthen awareness and keep Heroes  and love one close to our heart and mind.

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How to use the cards very simple say the name of the card then say and see the vasuh letter in the charka it represents.

Here are the meaning a pronunciation of each letter:

(1st) Zhee. It is the first letter appearing in the Vasuh language. It means light of the goddess. Pronounced eehzz. Zhee corresponds to the crown chakra, which is positioned slightly above the head.

(2nd) Aum.  It is the second letter in the language of Vasuh. It can be used to carry the powers of the first symbol to any distant location. It can also be used to send and read the thoughts of others. Pronounced moo-ah.   Aum corresponds to the Brow chakra that sits in the center of the forehead.

(3rd) Tuu. It is a symbol of protection and increases vitality. It is the third letter in the holy language. Nothing more can be said about this symbol. Pronounced oot
Tuu corresponds to the throat chakra.

(4th) Hmu. Increases sexual energy and the eyesight. It is the fourth letter in the Vasuh language. Some have used this letter to travel to other worlds. Pronounced you-mmh-ha. Hmu corresponds to the heart chakra.

(5th) Bnhu. It is the fifth letter in the Vasuh language, and controls all things concerning the increase of one’s wealth. It can also connect the user to the language of plants, and knows how to heal the internal organs of the body. Pronounced whoo-nn-bee. Bnhu corresponds to the chakra ruling over the area slightly above the navel.

(6th) Phe. It is the sixth letter in the language of Vasuh. It affects the quality of the emotions and useful for the arts of levitation. Pronounced eh-ph. Phe This mantra relates to the chakra center near you slightly below your navel

(7th) Nzu. It is the seventh letter in the language of Vasuh. Can be used as a protective shield, or to heal cuts and wounds. Pronounced ooh-zz-nn.
Nzu This mantra relates to the base of the spine.

(8th) lewhu. It is the eighth letter in the language of Vasuh. It is used in initiating one to the divine energies of the stars. Pronounced ooh-wel. Lewhu corresponds with the chakra that governs over the sexual organs.

(9th) Shki. It is the ninth letter in the language of the Vasuh, and pertains to putting someone in a jar, or a gate, or a vessel. It can also be used to send death energy into an event, person, or object. Pronounced eek-hss.” Shki corresponds with the Anus chakra.