Uggi’s Kabuki

Be Prepared to see Uggi strolling through your neighbor soon “The Beautiful Boogie Man” is out and about enjoying doing his Kabuki.

The Official Journal of Ninzuwu Culture

Greetings! The Art of Ninzuwu Official  blog page has a very deep history, stretching back to times of remote antiquity. Featuring articles discussing such history and  personal experiences by those engaged ...

Ame-no-Ukihash: Martial Art Stances

Ame-no-Ukihashi, “Princess of the floating bridge of heaven,” a bridge between Heaven and Earth, or the Mind and Body. The martial art acts as a bridge between Heaven and Earth, or ...

Ninzuwu Digital Theatre

  Greetings! We are happy to present an ongoing digital theatre series that features many of the true life experiences of practitioners of the Art of Ninzuwu. Watch Now Here

The Paces of Yu

The Paces of Yu, The Shaman’s Steps and Ame-no-Ukihashi     The Emperor Yu is credited with many miraculous deeds, which contributed to the development of China.  These include development of systems for flood control, establishing the Xia Dynasty as well as developing and influencing the spiritual practices of Taoism today.  What we are going to […]

Origin of the Term Ninzuwu

What is the Origin of the Term Ninzuwu? NInzuwu ( Nin = 你 = you, Zu = 祖=ancestor, Wu =巫= shaman) is one who appears as an embodiment of change. The Art of Ninzuwu is a mystical science of self-transformation, also known as Ryūjin Shinkō; a mix of Ninjutsu and Esoteric Shinto

A Production of Nature

  he Art o Ninzuwu and a production of Nature; with all its elements found within Nature. This is a production and all forms of production is magical ask, “Disney “. It is a Vast Ocean of Knowledge cumulated of over the past few years translated by Warlock Asylum and the Original members of the […]