About Dwight “Black Cea’zar” Bonair

Dwight “Black Cea’zar” Bonair is a Ninzuwu Practitioner with a Black Belt’s of Ame-No-Ukhashi and Director of Ninzuwu Theatre. He also writes books and graphic novels under the alias “Mad King”.

Dwight Bonair an artist, author and shaman also known as “The Mad Hatter” loves to delight the world with

his surreal perspective on life. Born in Trinidad and Tobago raised in New YorkCity and New Jersey; the descendants of Shamanic Elders form before slavery. Designs his production of artwork like an Alice in Wonderland shamanic experience of self-discovery. Through connecting with the nature around him

and finding appreciation in our past. Dwight creates his work under Grown Azz Kids which he is in works of tranforming into a Non profit to help artist and those in need find the full potential in life. The motto of Grown Azz Kids is simply Building Dreams through education and cooperation. If we can learn from each other and deal with each other nothing can stop us from producing our dreams. As Peace can be seen as an acronym meaning P.roper E.ducation A.lways C.orrect E.rrors .