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The Yukionna Clan: Ame-no-Ukihashi Martial Arts


Martial Arts

Snowflake: An Ancient Symbol And Emblem of The Yukionna Clan

The Yukionna Clan consists of those who are advanced in the practice of the Art of Ninzuwu and accept such as a culture and a way of life. Yuki-onna, is the ruling kami of the Ninzuwu current, known more appropriately as Ame-no-ukihashi-hime-no-Mikoto.

According to the Art of Ninzuwu teachings, Ryujin Shinko, the dragon god faith, provided a means of self-transformation that allows one to cultivate abilities that surpassed the normal human condition. Those who experienced such an initiation were mentored by the tengu, and some among these were considered to be tengu themselves.

Historically, the tengu were said to live in forests and trees of cedar and pine. During the winter, when the spirit of the trees were said to be asleep, the Yuki-onna would protect the forest. This is where the legends began about her taking the life of those who were trying to fell trees.

Ultimately, the Yukionna Clan seeks to preserve a knowledge of an esoteric system of transformation and martial arts that existed during the Jomon period, commonly known as the Art of Ninzuwu.