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The Nine Books of Dreams Cards


The Book of Dreams also known as Vasuh letters, or Nine Levels of Experience, and on each level exists all Nine letters. Based on such, we can liken  the Nine Dreams to Nine Spheres, each containing the nine Vasuh letters.

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As we empower our ancestors, we are truly empowering our DNA. This principle is expressed in a Wikipedia article under the topic of Chinese Folk Religion:

“The shen of men who are properly cultivated and honoured after their death are upheld ancestors and progenitors (zuxian 祖先 or simply zu ). When ancestries aren’t properly cultivated the world falls into disruption, and they become gui. Ancestral worship is intertwined with totemism, as the earliest ancestor


Ancestors are means of connection to the Tian-Taidi, the primordial god which does not have form. As ancestors have form, they shape the destiny of humans. Ancestors who have had a significant impact in shaping the destiny of large groups of people, or even the entirety of the Chinese nation (cultural heroes), are exalted among the highest gods.”

We can better the condition of those family members who have passed on by nurturing and cultivating our DNA.

The Art of Ninzuwu  is an open book for the cultivation of the soul (The Crow). Numbers and Gematria are the foundation of Ninzuwu; the Vasuh letters is used as a mathematical language of dreams to communicate it universal energies.  Access to any forces existing in the invisible worlds, whether historical or imaginary, can be achieved through gematria, through numbers. Numbers exist in everything, even the realms of the deceased. Letters are simply hidden numerical forces and formula used to mask subtle energies