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art of ninzuwu Ninzuwu Theatre

The Ninzuwu Theatre

I decided to construct the martial Art of Ninzuwu into a theatrical production for many reason but the main reason is; theatre where magic and fantasy lives, and where the spirit is free and respected.

In theatre when one is part of a production they embark they are allowed to step away form their regular life and embrace a new world which they share with the audience. Theatre is also considered a whole world of its own; it is said that the ninzuwu “lives in two worlds”. Known as (Nin=your Zu=ancestors Wu=shaman) also as magicians of the Yi Jing. Ninzuwu embraces a mystic Shamanic perspective to art and life which can be better expressed, understood and respected in a theatrical environment.

The Ninzuwu theatre is not just centered on the Ame-no-Ukihashi martial art but also the philosophy of ninzuwu and the reenactment of Shinto and Chinese folklore.

This is a production and all forms of production is magical ask, “Disney “. This is to give you a clear understanding of, The Art of Ninzuwu without deep detail and Belief acceptance. This is an Art and a production of Nature; with all its elements found within Nature.

It is a Vast Ocean of Knowledge accumulated of over the past few years translated by Warlock Asylum  and the Original members of the art. Ranging in multiple oriental healing and meditational techniques  all focusing on health, self awareness and spiritual cleansing.

It is to be noted that as stated early that this is a newly rediscovered martial art, the instructors are also students of the art. This means anyone who chooses to participate will have the same opportunity and growth as their instructors.  To be apart of this is to be apart of something new and entertaining experience with great satisfying results.

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