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A Production of Nature

A Production of Nature I want to ask for the opportunity to use some space in Bayonne park to demonstrate and  give free trials of a tai chi style of martial arts called Ame-no-Ukihashi. Want to past on the knowledge as well as take the opportunity to create an interesting elaborate production, “I am a […]

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The Nine Schools of Initiation Within The Art of Ninzuwu

The Nine Schools of Initiation Within The Art of Ninzuwu Excerpts from the Art of Ninzuwu blog page In a recent discussion with another member, the topic of “mastering,” (in lack of a better word) the Art of Ninzuwu came up. There are no masters in the Art of Ninzuwu. It is an eternal practice […]


Vasuh letter Polar darkness

Vasuh letter Polar darkness   Before marching on the stars of the Bushel. It is necessary for the adept to pass by the females deities who surround the Bushel-namely, those constellations which “shine with a light that does not enlighten,” “are bright without brilliance,” and “have a splendor without sparkle. “These deities are the “nine […]

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The six inner directions

    The six inner directions   In this short passage about the kamae, O Sensei provides us with some crucial information for the practice of Aikido : 1.      … Open your feet in the six directions, and face the enemy in the hanmi irimi position of Aiki. – O Sensei 2.      Regarding the movement, […]

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First Separate and Then Combine

Core Learning Principle: First Separate and Then Combine The principle of breaking movements into micro-components follows an ancient Taoist principle of learning called “first separate and then combine.” First you learn to become comfortable with a specific micro-component. Next you learn and practice a second one. Then you combine both components and practice them simultaneously […]

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Ninja Koans

Ninja Koans Excerpts from GrandMaster Ashida Kim Website link Below:     To the Ninja, the Mind is the ultimate weapon. Development of the Mind can be achieved only when the body has been disciplined. To accomplish this, the ancients have taught us to imitate the Five Elements and the Eight Mystic Trigrams. From […]

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The Art of Ninjutsu

There are many Depictions of where when and what is ninjustu by looking into them all we can see what  this art truly is and how it derive from nature and is used in our own nature and life. Ninjitsu comes from a time when survival was an art and was a union with nature. […]

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Martial Art Classes A Park Near You

    Ame-no-Ukihashi is a newly rediscovered form martial art with its roots in self awareness and cooperation with universal chi energy. Which allows a beautiful production between you and the universe. As all Arts and nature the basis of Ame-no-Ukihashi; is to be a part of a beautiful Production, you in beautiful harmony with […]