How the debunk all possible doubt of our ancestor knowledge plus magic and mysticism?

The Question is as easy as explaining the existence of Dinosaurs.  In all of mankind ancient history there is documented history of dragons; there size, force, and physical description is easy comparable to dinosaurs. Yet dinosaurs did not come to awareness until the late 1800s; even when discovered none knew of the existence of such creature. Nor did they think of dragons as told in fairy tales told as a child; But throughout ancient history all cultures speak of large “terrible Lizards” the actual meaning of the word dinosaurs (original Greek meaning). The belief that our ancestors made up these stories and every civilization throughout the world pictured the same description; is impossible. For example ” a 15 foot giraffe with 8 legs gets slap by a monkey” crazy story! Now if in 500 years from now they find a 15 foot giraffe with money hair on it; now that’s a coincidence. Every ancient civilization  describing dinosaurs  millions of years before they themselves existed is science beyond our understand and should be studied understood and pass down just like the past it to us with clearly understanding if possible. You can question other mystical ancient stories  and characters because you don’t have any physical evidence;  but you can not question Dragons due to the fact they are found all over the world and is actually one of the main characters.

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