Player Theme Cards

How to play

How to play These cards was generally designed to replace a regular exercise the designer Dwight “Black Cea’zar” Bonair does when he meditates. By basically giving  acknowledgement to his ancestors and spirit  through saying  and visualizing the vasuh letter in its said place in the body and saying the name of the spirit then thank […]

Player Theme Cards


Benefits The practice of strengthen the subconscious has been done since ancient times all over the world. The subconscious mind is non-local, impersonal. It rules not only our actions, but everything around us. Florence Scovel Shinn wrote: “The subconscious, being simply power without direction, carries out orders without questioning…Working under the direction of the superconscious….”the […]

art of ninzuwu

The Vasuh Letters

The term Vasuh is a ninzuwu word but has connection to all cultures through the world. In Ninzuwu philosophy; the Vasuh letters also known as the  Dehfu “books of life.” Are kept and copied by Johuta meaning”song of purification or the spirit of life”. The term Dehfu is derived from the Sanskrit tafu, which means “make fire.” Johuta […]

Player Theme Cards

The Player’s Theme Card

The Player’s Theme Card: is a card playing brought to you by grown Azz Kids Prod. And The Ninzuwu Art Gallery in association with the Art of Ninzuwu. A Collection of Influential People, Spirits, and moments that resonate throughout our environments. Similar to the theme music played behind a character representing the mood and feeling […]

Martial arts

The Paces of Yu

The Paces of Yu, The Shaman’s Steps and Ame-no-Ukihashi The Emperor Yu is credited with many miraculous deeds, which contributed to the development of China.  These include development of systems for flood control, establishing the Xia Dynasty as well as developing and influencing the spiritual practices of Taoism today.  What we are going to focus on […]

Martial arts

The Black Dragon Society

The Japanese Black Dragon Fighting Society was founded in 1901 by Uchida Ryohei who was descended from the Genyōsha. Uchida was a student of Jigaro Kano (founder of Judo) and follower of the criminal organization Genyōsha founded by Mitsuru Toyama.The Japanese Black Dragon Society name is derived from the Amur River called Heilongjiang or “Black […]