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Word play: Redefining



Words are very interesting, one thing could have many definitions.  The words we use can dictate the mood we are in as well give a visualization of those who are listening. When a word has been over used and manipulated with discontent or for evil purposes these word become taboo or forms of damnation. These word create triggers that cause people to react to a perception, most of our words are wrongly define yet universally known in its true form in nature/subconscious mind.  Yet the masses are not in tune with nature but still needed to be communicated with.

They work generally with what is called a layman perception “shallow simple thinking”. For example belief or to believe is generally seen as a fact; “I believe you”. When the word general means faith in someone else’s knowledge; I do not know but you seen to got it figured out. It generally mean I do not know you can see it is misunderstood by the fact people believe disbelief means that you disagree with someone opinion. When it generally means “you do not know, but I disagree with you perception. In general you do not know “so what value is your opinion” scientifically belief and disbelief means the same thing “I do not know” in science you either know or you don’t know; it is either fact or your ignorant to the fact period! Comically what is not known is that disbelief is and natural process for those taught to believe. Even in the bible Jesus says know me and I will know you to know someone or something is to know the fact. When you are taught something you taught the fact or logic repetition or nature only. Naturally you will question the reality of being unable to grasp or know the logic/reality of something this is where disbelief come into play. Things in reality move in threes life, death, rebirth; man, woman, child; Belief, disbelief, acknowledgement. If you don’t believe you will find out because you will actually attract it to you. Disbelief is stronger that belief but is use only to show examples of what was clearly known when the logic was comprehendible.

This is one of many examples of understanding words misconceptions; but when work with layman you must be able to communicate in a way not to trigger their misconceptions. Which in current day can actually be deadly due to the fact their visualizations are frightful nightmares. When wanting to assist humanity in such an opportunist time. Picking the right words are very necessary we as ninzuwu know ourselves as a priesthood. Yet in a time like these the word Priest is seen in many lights many not good specious. Well what does a priest do they assist people in need with spiritual issues commune with the divine world and heal. Generally in modern times they can be seen as spiritual consultants; calling ourselves spiritually consultants  gives a new light on the concept similar to what is written in the The Marie Laveau Corpus Text. Old gods who became demons can return to their true nature by means of a “gematric resurrection.” “Once a new name of equal gematric value has been given to a dead deity, it is free to return to its purpose.”

Of course we will not be able to us gematric value to revive a word meaning but you get the point. We know a vast dept of our knowledge and reality in the whole. But tending to the masses who are in recent times program to disbelieve before investigating using the right is more than important it is beneficial to you and them.

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