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What is the Origin of the Term Ninzuwu?

What is the Origin of the Term Ninzuwu?

NInzuwu ( Nin = 你 = you, Zu = 祖=ancestor, Wu =巫= shaman) is one who appears as an embodiment of change.
The Art of Ninzuwu is a mystical science of self-transformation, also known as Ryūjin Shinkō.
A Mix of Ninjutsu and Esoteric Shinto
The mediation consist of The Language of Vasuh language which resonates within the subconscious mind and can be used to purify this aspect of the mind.
Also the Armor of Amaterasu ohkami hand mudras/Kuji Kiri for focusing and evoking energy change.

All information can be found in the Art of Ninzuwu literature “The Ivory Tablets of the Crow” and “The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami”
available here
The Ivory Tablets of the Crow…

The Armor of Amaterasu Ohkami…

Once the Initiate has activated the “crow,” the internal spirit, they can then communicate with other sentient creatures in different forms through the language of intuition.

In the Vasuh language, the term Ninzuwu is also translated, according to The Yi Jing Apocrypha of Genghis Khan, as “The Magicians of the Yi Jing,” or one who appears as an embodiment of change. 

Ninzuwu is also an ethnic identity of those who are said to be descendants of legendary beings who are described by the same term.

The Nine Schools of Initiation Within The Art of Ninzuwu

Greetings! I would like to welcome everyone to the Art of Ninzuwu blog page. If this is your first time here, please feel free to review some of our previous articles and do not hesitate to share some of your experiences and insight by posting a comment. Stay blessed.

In a recent discussion with another member, the topic of “mastering,” (in lack of a better word) the Art of Ninzuwu came up. There are no masters in the Art of Ninzuwu. It is an eternal practice that is spacious as our universe. The best way to understand the Art of Ninzuwu is through simplicity and virtue.

The Initiate should also take into consideration that the Art of Ninzuwu is founded upon nine schools, which contain eighty-one degrees. These nine schools are based on the Nine Books of Dreams, which are listed in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“The following are the Nine Books of Xuz, who some men call the Dehfu, Books of Life. It is only by proper use of this language can one access the realms of knowing. Take these words with caution. Only exercise them after they are remembered:

(1st) Zhee. It is the first letter appearing in the Vasuh language. It means light of the goddess. Pronounced eehzz.

(2nd) Aum.  It is the second letter in the language of Vasuh. It can be used to carry the powers of the first symbol to any distant location. It can also be used to send and read the thoughts of others. Pronounced moo-ah.

(3rd) Tuu. It is a symbol of protection and increases vitality. It is the third letter in the holy language. Nothing more can be said about this symbol. Pronounced oot

(4th) Hmu. Increases sexual energy and the eyesight. It is the fourth letter in the Vasuh language. Some have used this letter to travel to other worlds. Pronounced you-mmh-ha.

(5th) Bnhu. It is the fifth letter in the Vasuh language, and controls all things concerning the increase of one’s wealth. It can also connect the user to the language of plants, and knows how to heal the internal organs of the body. Pronounced whoo-nn-bee.

(6th) Phe. It is the sixth letter in the language of Vasuh. It affects the quality of the emotions and useful for the arts of levitation. Pronounced eh-ph.

(7th) Nzu. It is the seventh letter in the language of Vasuh. Can be used as a protective shield, or to heal cuts and wounds. Pronounced ooh-zz-nn.

(8th) lewhu. It is the eighth letter in the language of Vasuh. It is used in initiating one to the divine energies of the stars. Pronounced ooh-wel.

(9th) Shki. It is the ninth letter in the language of the Vasuh, and pertains to putting someone in a jar, or a gate, or a vessel. It can also be used to send death energy into an event, person, or object. Pronounced eek-hss.”

The interesting thing about the nine Vasuh letters is that they represents Nine Dreams, or Nine Levels of Experience, and on each level exists all Nine letters. Based on such, we can liken  the Nine Dreams to Nine Spheres, each containing the nine Vasuh letters. So in the letter Zhee are each of the nine Vasuh letters. In the letter Shki are also each of the nine letters. In other words, each Vasuh letters has nine levels. The Tao Te Ching is perfectly describes each of the eighty-one degrees that are embodied in the nine Vasuh letters.

When a person enters the initiatory process presented in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow, and complete such, they have been initiated into the Vasuh letter Shki and are beginning to ascend to as higher knowledge. Notice what is mentioned in the Ivory Tablets of the Crow:

“The mind must learn how to raise itself up and meet its reflection in the realm of light.”

Man is unable to “do anything” in what some describe as his normal state of being. Everything happens to him. He is only able to do what is dictated to him by external forces that exist in the phenomenal world. These are some of the things that a person comes to understand during their initiation into the Ninzuwu current at the level of Shki. They come to understand what it means “to do.” When a person awakens from their slumber, their sleep, they will gain a new perspective on life and its purpose. This is called The Birth of the Crow in Ninzuwu Metaphysics. Notice what is mentioned in the Testimony of the Crow, a gospel of the newly initiated, the awakened:

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