nature production

A Production of Nature

The Art o Ninzuwu and a production of Nature; with all its elements found within Nature. This is a production and all forms of production is magical ask, “Disney “.

It is a Vast Ocean of Knowledge cumulated of over the past few years translated by Warlock Asylum and the Original members of the art. Ranging in multiple oriental healing and meditational techniques all focusing on health, self awareness and spiritual cleansing.

Like all martial arts it is necessary to understand the philosophy to advance in understanding of the art. If you want to advance you have to understand the philosophy, you do not need to advance; you can stay where you are satisfied at. It is not an requirement.

The advance stages of this art are focus on the premise of a deeper understanding of a production of self awareness and universal cooperation.

For Advance classes you must have an understanding of the Ninzuwu chakra structure also known as the Vasuh Letters or nine books of dreams. As well as the ninzuwu philosophy both found in the Ivory tablet of the crow. “A self initiating/understanding of the art of Ninzuwu”

Also necessary form of literature is the Ame-no-Ukihashi: The Ancient Martial Art of the Ninzuwu entailing all the basis and philosophy of Ame-no-Ukihashi.

The completion of every stage consists of a performance in front of your fellow piers either group or individual; with self approval being the most important judgment.

Most important thing to understand is this is an Art not a destructive tool to harm individuals. It consist of self awareness and universal cooperation; the compounds of a great production also known as art or nature.

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